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Sunday, June 28, 2009


No longer than switching to the field did it hit us. Well, I guess I should've guessed that I couldn't get away coming here without having some sort of bad luck. Well, maybe not bad luck for me, but bad luck for whoever it was out there. I had just gone hunting a few days ago, and I guess even though I'm a newborn with some freaky power of controling her thirst, I'm still a newborn. It's very much like the first time Edward took me hunting and we ran into the humans on the trail. We hadn't figured anyone to beout here, and, but of course when we weren't expecting this time, it happened again. Even though they were quite far away, their scent still lingered around the edge of the clearing. And I soon realized why it was so strong. Whoever the unlucky human was, had been hurt badly from an animal attack. Although, I couldn't see that far, and no way that was just a sixth sense. And, as far I knew, Nessie wasn't showing me anything, not like she could see either. Itwas what Alice gets, visions. Continuing on what I was seeing, I discovered the animal was a vampire, a nomadic and human blood-driven vampire. Once again, not sure how it happened, but it was Edward's voice in my head thattold me, "get Charlie out of here." I looked slightly around to see if he said anything, but he didn't. I said it out loud since no one else did, "Get Charlie out of here," but I said it at the same time Alice and Edward also did. We ignored the odd event, and just got out. Edward and I walked over to Charlie and Sue. Edward and I said at the same time again, "Okay you guys, we've got to leave." I looked at Edward for a minute and then looked at Charlie. For a human it would be considered a power walk, to vampires it's a slo-mo. I did what I had to, and acted quickly, but still, I was strucken by confusion. I glanced back to see Emmett walking closely by Jasper- Jasper looked a little distracted. For that moment I wished for him to feel relaxed and I did. Was Jasper doing that to me? There was no way, he was all the way over there, and even when he is in physical contact it's not this strong. Charlie's warm skin was burning on mine, but his face suddenly calmed and he released a breath. I let go of his arm really quickly and then went back to Jasper. I touched his shoulder and his face took a gradual step towards calm. He looked to me immediatly, "Bella, how are you doing that?"
He got it. He understood what was happening. Well, at least as much as I understood. I looked back to Carlisle and Esme who were talking with the wolves. I turned to Jasper and said, "I honestly don't know, but I also saw what Alice did while she did, and I heard what Edward was thinking. And--"
Jasper finished, "And now your calming me down."
I nodded.
"I don't know."
"Okay," he said, "well, tell me what I'm thinking then."
I thought and just focused on Jasper. His voice didn't necessairly show like Edward's, but I did hear a thought that was probably his. I said what I thought, "Your thinking that this place is a jinx and we were just setting ourselves up from the beginning."
My hand was still on Jasper's shoulder and when a picture appeared in my head, I could tell it was in his too. I saw the field, and I saw baseballs being hit, and I was seeing all this through the outfield. I looked up at Nessie and saw that she had her hand on Rosalie's and was 'showing her.' Jasper said, "Okay, yes, and did you just intercept Nessie's picture, too?"
I saw everyone get in cars and started drving off. At least everyone as in the werewolves, Charlie and Sue, Nessie, and Rosalie. Edward and Alice walk back to us. Emmett took Esme's arm and they started running together. Jasper, Alice, and Edward were off to my left side and Carlisle was on my right when we started running. Jasper said, "Bella's power is more than a sheild. Not only can she protect everyone from any mental attack, she also obtains the power of the ones who are under her sheild."
Edward said, "I thought you put your sheild up when the smell aroused."
"Of couse," I said.
Carlisle said, "Wait, so what your saying is Bella can practice the special ability of any vampire who is under her sheild?"
We slowed our run a little, and I put my hand on Carlisle's shoulder. I made myself feel calm. Carlisle stitched eyebrows enlightened. I listened for his thoughts and said, "You're thinking that this could've happened because of the way I've been rebelling the elastic pull against myself. You think because I've been working at it that it's grown."
"So you are able to make other's feel things like Jasper on command and are able to hear things like Edward on command?"
"When they're under my sheild yes. And, as far as I know, when Alice and Renesmee get pictures in their heads, I do too."
"Fascinating," Carlisle sighed.
Edward said more to himself, "You know it was one thing when I was finally able to read your mind, but I'm getting just as much joy out of you being able to read mine."
I smiled and Carlisle said, "Okay, and right there you just projected Jasper's ability onto me without even knowing it. So, I think how it works is things happen as that naturally come."
I said with Carlisle, "I'm curious about the werewolves."
Carlisle said, "Yes. S0--"
In interruped, "Wait coming naturally, like when I read minds it's as if it's a natural thought? Well then how come I heard Edward's voice in my head?"
Edward said out loud, "Well, as you mentioned, Bella, when I was, away, you heard my voice in your head when danger neared."
"Yes, I see what you're saying. Maybe because I'm familiar with having your voice in my head it just stuck that way. And also because you have been in my mind which means that our thoughts together are the most familiar with each other and entertwined."
Carlisle said, "Couldn't have said it any better myself."
"Sorry, that was your wasn't it," I felt my cheeks slightly warm, but no blush.
"Please continue," he said.
I said, "And, well, for the wolves, we're going to have to test, but the theory is that since their minds are entertwined as a pack, and no necessary powers are given other than to read each other's mind, and since through Jacob I will also be able to hear Sam. We do not believe that shape shifting would fall under that category of powers, since it is purely genetic. However, we do believe that since Edward can read their minds, I can put them under my sheild, Nessie can show them pictures, that if I were to use those all together, I should be able to use Alice's power at my own will and be able to see wolves. It will definetly have to be tested."
One word popped into my head and I said it aloud, "Wow." However when I said it Carlisle, Jasper, and Edward said it too.

Baseball [Part 2]

I could tell from Charlie's face that he thinks he really knows, but the truth his, he's only gotten half of what it really is. Quil was up and Rose pitched. When the ball was released Quil hit it, not as far as Leah or Esme, but he still hit it out to the grass. He morhped right after first and just touched third when Edward decided to let Nessie try to throw it. She couldn't get all the way to Jacob, but still got if farther than any human, she got it to Rosalie. And considerded, this a bigger field that usual. As soon as it hit Rose's hand she tossed lightly, but it came out with the same force, to Jacob. Jacob was able to get Quil before he touched the plate. Two outs. One run. Emmett stood up at the plate and was smiling widely at Rosalie. And when she pitched, it looked like it was going to be slower, but ended up being the same speed. Emmett swing went into the forest in the background and kept going. That swing made a unique mixture of all the smells close to me: Jacob, Quil, and Leah's musty smell, all the vampire's smells, and mixed Charlie and Sue's unique smells in with it. The back of my throat starting burning, and not like it wasn't anything I couldn't control, but just to keep the atmosphere light, I called, "Jasper." Edward gave the ball to Nessie to let her throw it. Nessie threw it to Rose and that was all I saw before Jasper and Edward showed up. Jasper sat me down on the ground, Edward took my hand and kissed me on the cheek, Jasper put one hand on my shoulder and I was immediatly relaxed. The burning was still kept in a tab in the back of my head and my throat, but it wasn't nearly as searing. I cautiously breathed through me nose and then breathed out. "I'm okay," I said, "thanks."
Jasper and Edward stood up and ran back. I saw through the corner of my eye Charlie looking confused, but he doesn't need to know that much. Emmett whispered to me, "Two runs."
I smiled. He didn't ask for information, didn't ask for details, got me back to the good side. Alice was up at the plate and watching Rose intently while keeping a brilliant smile. Thunder echoed in the distance, but the sound that Alice made hitting the ball, there was no comparison. Alice was very fast and kept going around and around. When she hit third Jasper threw the ball in and Alice jumped from between third and home far up into the air. Jacob was looking for Alice, and by the time he found her, she was already on home. Alice and Jake gave high-fives and you could--well I could anyway--hear the light shock their hands made when they met--because the temperatures were so far apart. I smiled and stepped in the box by home plate. I got my elbow up and let my knees bend. Charlie said more to himself, but I still heard, "Bring the bat behind your head."
I did what he told me and Rose pitched the ball. That whole time I was thinking, 'I suck at sports, I suck at sports, I suck at sports.' But, I hit the ball and something in the back of brain told me to run, and I did. That whole time my legs were running I watched the ball. But when Jasper threw it in something made my legs go faster. And when the base was right in front of me, something told me to slide, so I did. After my foot hit the base, Jacob hands just got ahold of the ball. I laughed, "Three runs."
Jake rolled his eyes and put a hand out to help me up. I put my hand on his, and to my suprise no electrical shock was made when our hands touched (the way Alice's and his did). He was obviously suprised to. I ignore it for a moment and walked back. When Carlisle was up he hit the ball in straight line toward Seth. I was completly shocked when Seth put his hands out to catch the terribly fast ball. He stopped it in it's tracks and caught it in his hands. Everyone around me--Charlie, Sue, Jacob, Alice, Emmett, Edward, Nessie, Jasper, Esme, Rosalie, Leah, Quil--were all in awe. Carlisle however, wasn't. He was smiling as if discovered a buried treasure. Seth laid the ball down and Carlisle walked over. I could see that his finger were dislocated. Carlisle asked him, "May I?"
Seth nodded, "Please, before they heal that way."
Carlisle looked at Jake and he nodded. Jake ran towards Carlisle and stood on the other side of Seth. Carlise took one finger at a time and push it back in place: pointer, middle, and then ring. Carlisle, then, lightly pulled each finger out and I saw them grow back. Seth had his teeth ground the whole time. "There," Carlisle said.
"Thanks Doc," Seth said.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baseball [Part 1]

Emmett was one-hundred percent sure we were going to win. He said that I could block any thoughts from the other team. I wondered why it would be necessary, not like I know anything about baseball. Carlisle and Esme were talking with Leah and Quil. Emmett was cracking jokes about how he's suprised that my advanced vampiric ability wasn't to be allowed to blush...he commented with everything else I'm able to do. Emmett was in truth my big brother and I'm glad I get to spend time with him. The way I put it, now that Rose and Leah have warmed a bit, I can't think of one problem. I'm trying not to jinx myself, mainly because this place we're at isn't exactly the barrier of good luck.
Jacob commented, "Are we hear to play baseball or what?"
I had already talked to Charlie. I told him that basically anything he saw, really didn't happen, if he knew what was good for all of us. He said like he always does, "Bells, the less I know, the better."
Esme joked, "Sure let's play, you guys are going down anyway." Esme flashed her shining smile of one million different colors.
Alice said, "Wait, for it..." a loud roar of thunder came down from above. "Alright, let's play."
Rosalie went to pitcher's mound, Seth stood in the middle of the in-field, Jacob stood back to play catcher,and Nessie and Edward walked back to the outfield. I was still curious on whether the wolves were going to play in human form, or wolf from. I had my answer when I saw Seth shift into a very large wolf.
Esme was at the plate ready to bat. Rosalie pitched with such grace--not as much as Alice, though--and when you add that to the beauty that is still shocking--even as a vampire--it was quite hard to watch. Esme was still smiling while her carmel hair floated around her face. When the ball was released Esme swung and a huge sound rang through the air. She ran to first as I watched teh ball continue to head out farther and farther. While turning and about halfway to home, I saw someone small, someone very small out in the distance catch the ball with their bare hands. Nessie was holding the ball and was on back of Edward. I couldn't help smiling, and everyone else couldn't either, even Leah. Esme walked with a smile and Leah walked to the plate. How this would work, I didn't know. Rosalie pitched, one slow--but also quick--and put-together movement releasing the ball and Leah smacked the high-speed ball. It made a loud noise, but not quite the sound of rocks colliding like vampires make. It continued out, way far past anyone--as my uncannigly clear vision could tell. Leah, halfway from first, morphed into a wolf and immediatly took off in speed. She was about to home when Edward threw the ball incredibly hard and accuratly to Jacob. He caught it with his bare hands--the noise was a loud smack. Putting his hands up ready to tag Leah, he discovered she'd already morphed back and slid under. One run. Everyone smiled and I saw Leah wearing a smug grin. Jacob helped her up, and then they gave high-fives. When I glanced at Charlie, I saw that his face was suprised, not strucken or scared, but simply suprised. But by what I wondered? Could it be how casually we act toward everything? Could it be the advanced abilities of everyone on this field? I don't know. Edward said outloud, which was like he was talking to me right there even though he was far away, he said, "Amazed and somehow entertained."
Edward was looking right at me, and I smiled. Sometimes I forget--the whole letting him read my mind thing. It is helpful sometimes I guess.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm honestly not sure why we did, but we took the car up to the field. I would imagine becasue of Renesmee, but then again I can't be sure. Emmett drove the hummer and Rosalie was in the passenger seat. I road in the back with Renesmee on my lap. Jacob refused to ride in a car--which I figured because his head hit the top of it even when he slouches. Edward decided to run with him so Sue and Charlie could ride with me. Emmett is taking us to Charlie's place to pick them up right now. Renesmee is staring intently out the window. She absolutly facsinates me, she always make me wonder how much she really understands in this world. Renesmee had her hand on Rosalie's arm 'talking' to her. Rose was smiling and Nessie looked intent, but still happy. Emmett was smiling, more at himself than anything else. The car pulled into the all-so familiar driveway. My eyes were stinging--even though they couldn't produce tears. My old red Chevy 'broken' truck was still there. I sucked up the theoretical tears while Sue and Charlie climbed into the back seats. Sue let Charlie go in first and sit in the middle. Nessie threw her hands around Charlie's neck and said, "Grandpa!" Charlie blushed--embarrased--like crazy and said, "Hey kiddo." Nessie crawled over and sat in Sue's lap and Sue started to run her fingers through her hair. It was very odd to me how much everyone in this circle has bonded so well. Charlie looked to me and smiled, "Hey Bells."
"Hey dad."
I gave him a hug and felt the shocking warmth of his skin. You'd figure I'd be used to it being around Nessie and Jacob, but this is a different kind of warmth. Charlie still looks at me a little differently than he did before. But, he's adjusting, and no matter what we'll still love each other. Sue was wearing her baseball outfit, and Charlie was wearing his baseball jersey, but put on a pair jeans and old baseball hat instead of all that other stuff Alice gave her. Rosalie warned Charlie, "Alice won't be pleased that you didn't wear your complete outfit."
Charlie turned and looked astounded. I remember slightly being dazzled by Edward's voice as a human, so that could be why. Or--as I remember all to well from my being a human--he could be dazzled by Rose's beauty which is common around her. I said, "Hope you make it dad."
"I'll be fine."
Sue smiled and said lightly to Charlie, "I told you so."
Emmett started to ride over bumps that lead us to that such familiar ball field. As much as I'd like to forget all those human memories from the clearing, those are some of the few that stick with me the most.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pre-Baseball Game

I just got finished dressing Renesmee with Alice for a baseball game. Maybe Alice is rubbing off on me style-wise, or maybe I'm just interesting in dressing my daughter. Alice was picking out my baseball uniform to wear. Picking out something to play baseball in is about as inmportant to Alice as it would be picking out the million dollar dress on the run-way. But then again, Alice could also pick out the outfit AND flaunt it. Edward said that baseball is the only occasion that Alice ever lets you wear the same thing twice. Alice also offered to dress Leah, Quil, and Seth, too. Offer might not be the right word, though. Demanded and forced are good words. She wouldn't let Renesmee or I go without getting a new outfit, and she gave Charlie and Sue some outfits too. I cheer for Charlie not to wear the outfit, and he told me confidentally that he would humor Alice...but only one of his old baseball hats. Sue looked like she would wear the outfit and I don't know if that means that Charlie will to, but I wouldn't be suprised if he did. Leah accepted the invitation because Seth did--or at least that's what she says. It didn't take Quil much convincing. When Alice called our friend-werewolves in, I was out. Not that I have problems with them, actually it's not that at all, it's just that I didn't want to be obsorbed in any more faishon. I've had enough for the day. I went over my outfit, which Alice didn't make too girly:grey vest with black stripes, black underarmor, a black hat, dark blue pants, and grey and white striped socks. Nothing compared to Rosalie. Even though I look like her, she still is kind of dazzling to me. I glanced at Renesmee sitting in her father's lap talking to him, she was wearing: white underarmor, a baby blue top over that, black pants, and baby blue socks.
I distracted myself from thinking about fashion, and I looked at Jacob who was playing with his shirt. It was obviously a little tight, and he obviously didn't like the long sleeves. Emmett walked over to him and light pulled the end of his sleeves, and they tore off. I laughed a little and then looked back towards Renesmee and Edward. She looked some much like him, it was amazing. You could definetly tell she was our child. It was so amazing sometimes. I loved them both so much, that sometimes I wonder how people could live without this. I'm not sure if Edward was smiling at that thought of mine, or if he was smiling at Renesmee. Either way, he was still dazzling too. I went over to where they were sitting and sat by them. Renesmee grabbed my hand while she kept talking to her dad. Perfect moment.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Day At A Time

Last night, we had talked with the Denalis, and then we went hunting. As unnormal as I thought it would be, it was very much like what normal people do. You know, friends meeting up and talking and laughing, and then going out for something to eat. It was very much the same, and very much different. Renesmee enjoyed it very much. I'm not quite sure where she got her trait for socializing, but she sure is good at it. She couldn't have gotten it from Edward or I. Edward and his brothers and sisters are used to being within themselves, and me, I just don't like it. Maybe she got it from Carlisle or Esme, defianetly not Charlie. I very much believe she got it from my mother Renee. I try not to think of my mother often, fore she knows absolutley nothing. And, honestly, I don't think about it enough to remember conversations through human eyes and ears.
Edward and I were sitting on the Cullen couch and he was just skimming through my thoughts. Carlisle was reading a book, and Esme and Alice were redecorating. Jasper and Rosalie were laughing with each other with Emmett's arm aroun Rosalie. Jacob was playing with Renesmee in the corner. Maybe playing wasn't the word I could use anymore, it was more like he was "talking" to Renesmee.
Since we didn't have anywhere to go today, it seemed to be like a good idea to discuss what I really wanted to. Right before I spoke Edward sucked in his breath and waited for me to speak. I announced, "I have a solution."
Carlisle asked immediatly interested, "A solution to what?"
"To what we're going to do. I mean, after Forks."
Edward said, "She was thinking, well, we were thinking that Bella and I could go to college for the semester, and since Nessie seems to be more than excited to start school, we could talk to her about the ground rules."
Jacob said, "And I wouldn't mind leaving...it's just that, how is this going to work? Should I change my name...or just pretend that I died?"
Alice announced, more out of vision than advice, "I would suggest that you go with a car wreck. But I would also suggest you tell your father what your planning."
Edward asked, "What about his pack though? I mean, since he won't really be dead, and they'll probably know that, they could definetly hear him. And Sam too for that matter."
Alice said, "Well, since I can't see in that subject, it only sounds right that you go about it that way Jacob."
Jasper adjusted himself and put his hand on Esme's shoulder. Esme looked up to him and smiled, looking relaxed.
Carlisle said, "It's definetly a stretch, for all of us, leaving this place, but I guess it has to be done. We could always come back...in about seventy years."
Rosalie smiled, "Yes, we always could. And, not to be pushing or assuming anything, but I'm very excited, and seems like they are somewhat too, Bella and Nessie to be going to their first school since."
Jasper said, "Well, we could let Edward and Bella go to college, and the other and myself could go to highschool and teach Nessie the ropes...unless you two would like to be around for that."
Carlisle answered, "Yes, well, we can let these two go to college, and maybe Esme and I could stay here for a little while with Nessie. But, only for cover's sake of course, you know grandparents taking care of grandchild while parents are away at college. Now, of course you guys could come here every night, without drawing attention. And as for the others, the children we could say went off to get their own place."
Emmett said, "Then after their done in college, we can hang out somewhere else for ten to twenty years, and then we could start over somewhere else with the norm. We could teach Nessie, and even Bella for that matter, the ropes, and get used to it again."
Esme said, "And then after a few more stops along the way, and before you know it, we'll be back here."
Jacob said, "It sounds complicated. And Nessie will have completly developed within the house after college years, so she'll be in, well I should say, she'll look like a high-schooler by the time it is to teach her the ropes."
I said, "Exactly, so it'll be easier to keep up with her."
"I like it," said Jacob.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Denalis

My family and I headed up to the Denalis about a minute after we had presented Edward with his gifts. We were about to arrive, Edward said he could 'hear' them. I couldn't really hear much of anything, at moments I'll really zone-out, and hear things, but I find it hard to listen. It's very hard to deflect my own mind from Edward. I really should get a trip down to the Amazon. I've come to the conclusion that I probably need to, and that I've decided it okay for Renesmee to come. And she'd be thrilled. I'm also very thrilled with how polite Edward is with hearing my thoughts, he reads mine, which he's only read a couple of times, as he reads his familie's, of whom he has been reading for years. And when I mees-up he flinches his head a sixth-of-an-inch and then acts like he didn't notice.
I could now see the Denalis on the corner of the Alaskan woods. Renesmee could see them to, hanging on my back, she reached and touched my face. She showed me a scene of which I immediatly remembered: the clearing, with the Volturi. She showed me Irina and what happened to her, again. Clear as ever. Renesmee then showed me a peaceful picture of before that 'meeting': having the Denalis laughing, smiling, and mingling over at the Cullen household. Edward had grinded his teeth at the first showing, but then relaxed his jaw as she shifted to the next. Renesmee's then perfect child-like voice then spoke, "We're just visiting right?"
I could see what her question really implied: 'they're going to be happy like the second time, right?'
Edward answered for me, "Yes. And it's nothing to worry about."
Renesmee smiled her brilliant smile. For that short moment she was the spitting image of her father.
The Cullen family approached The Denalis, but I slowed with Renesmee, and so did Edward. Edward was confused by what I was doing, and so was I, because I didn't know what I was doing. I said, "I don't know, it just feels strange."
Edward said, "We don't have to go, love, if it makes you uncomfortable."
"There are just so many memories going in the back of my head," I said, "it's hard to think strait."
Renesmee said, "I'm sorry Mama."
"No honey, it's not your fault. Mama just feels a little strange."
Renesmee laid her head with her brilliant long curls into my shoulder. Edward moved a curl from her face and behind her ear.
Edward said, "Don't worry, it's fine."
I nodded and took his hand. We walked towards what family of ours we had.
I took a deep breath when Kate walked up. Socializing, good, I thought. Edward laughed out loud and then whispered to me, "I forgot, you weren't the socializer."
I whispered back, "How could you forget?"
He chuckled.
Renesmee smiled brilliantly at seeing others. I thought again, but differently, socializing, good.